Friday, February 10, 2017

Story Time With The Mayor

What's crackin', kids?

It's been a few years since I basically abandoned Mayham ReDUX, the blog that was my baby for years. It was originally called Project MayHAM, and was my first little soapbox on the internet. I ranted about shit, shared my favorite things, and did the occasional review. I chronicled my messy divorce, and let my fingers fly about everything. I didn't give a shit if anyone read the thing. It was just for me. Therapy, if you will. A confidence booster during a very difficult period.  I partnered up with a good  friend, who shared my sensibilities, let him post at his leisure and we launched our very first podcast, "MAYHAM With Big Cat And Furbush"
We did ok.
The more people read/listened, the more shit I got myself into. But it was fun.
We had no real format or structure, the idea was that we just record the drunken, long-ass conversations that we had anyway, and put them on the internet. It was a great excuse to get hammered and run our mouths for about an hour a week. We actually started to build a decent subscriber base when Big Cat bailed the first time. He wasn't one for committing to these sorts of things, and when I started to have guest co-hosts in his absence, he reacted poorly. We had a falling out and didn't speak for months.

Without skipping a beat, I renamed the blog "Under Destruction", archived the podcast,  and more or less abandoned the page for quite some time.
Big Cat eventually made his way back into the fold, and I unsuccessfully attempted to reboot the blog/podcast as "MayHAM ReDUX". Neither of our hearts were in it. We did 2 new episodes of the podcast and Big Cat (again) vanished. This time, permanently. He came by one day, hung out for a few hours, everything was cool, he went home. I went to message him a week or so later, only to learn that he'd blocked me on every social media platform. I've made attempts to reach out... Nothing.We haven't spoken since, and I'm still not quite sure why.

Moving on.
By then I had begun to host a weekly live program on Vaughn TV called "MayHAM Vapes". As the title would suggest, I basically talked about my newfound fascination with electronic cigarettes. I quit smoking, took up vaping and dove down the rabbit hole. It was more than just a hobby. It was an obsession. Anything that could get me to successfully stop smoking after 20 years, I felt compelled to spread the word far and wide. I became connected with the online vaping community in a big bad way and made some lifelong friends in the process.
Eventually the live casting/chat room format began to bore the living shit out of me, and I started a new podcast with a friend and fellow vape show host (and killer fucking DJ) Uncle Pauly called "The Articulate Hobo". Loosely centered around vaping and herbal remedies, with news, music, reviews and comedic banter, we had a good run, and it was light years beyond MayHAM in the quality department (thanks to Paul) but the logistics were a bit of a bitch. I'm in New Hampshire, Pauly's in Texas. Between both of our work schedules, and let's be honest, my lack of support behind the scenes, we were forced to pull the plug.

My intention was to start my own, new podcast, but where to begin? I could have kept Art Hobo going by myself, but it would have been trash.

A fresh start was necessary.
A start that never happened. Months have gone by, and still "soon" has been the word.
I could blow it off and say it's been procrastination, but that's not the issue.. I got some new recording equipment, lined up some friends to join me, as I'm not really the Bill Burr type. I like having conversations, not just rambling by myself into a microphone. Uncle Pauly even agreed to come on from time to time, yet still... The proverbial ball remained stationary.

It's right there, ready to roll...

But what do I do? What's the foundation of this thing going to be? There's so much in my head. Vaping, herbal remedies, music, movies?  Do I go deeper? Personal stuff? Domestic/marital shit, parenting, work? drugs/booze/addiction?

I'm a frozen, directionless mess. Then it hit me. Someone posted one of my old Project MayHAM album reviews on facebook yesterday, and I had an epiphany. I need to get back to my roots.

The Heavy Handshake has to start as a blog.

Back to square one.

Once I get writing again, I figure I'll find a solid direction. I'll find my voice again.  The podcast is on hold until I do. You're welcome to pop in here and take a peek, but for now, this is going to be my outlet.

It already feels great.

Feedback. Leave comments. Suggestions. Hit me up. If you want to spread the word, don't hesitate.

The Resurrection Of The Mayor Begins Now.

Join me.

All the love,

Dave "Mayor" Furbush
The Heavy Handshake.